It hasn’t really hit me yet that I am graduating from college in less than a week. Soon, I will have my hair trimmed, and my toenails painted, and I will primp myself up to look presentable for lots of picture-taking with my parents. I will get to walk across that stage to grab my diploma. I won’t just be getting to walk once but three times. I will be handed the piece of paper telling me that I finally made it through.

It makes me think of everything I have done to get to this point. I slumped through high school with no purpose. Yet, I am here writing to you all to say that there is a purpose for us all. It just takes a while to find it. It’s like wandering lost in the amazon. You see trees and poisonous frogs and multi-colored flowers that could eat you if you walk too close it its bristles. Everything is unknown, which can be scary.

But now that I am at the end of the forest, I can fly over head and see the tops of the trees and the field of salt waters surrounding me. I gained the knowledge to know how to swim from those classes I thought were useless. So, I can wander into the rest of the world with this newfound knowledge and create things never thought of and meet people I have never thought to meet.

I can see the world before me and not be afraid of it, because I can see the sun setting. It is spreading purples and oranges across my legs. I look behind me and see that I made a boat to use for my future travels. Where will I take this boat? I am not entirely sure, but at least I can tell the people I come across that I made it through the thickness. And I can help other lost souls out of other forests that I come across. I see now that this is my purpose, to travel through the forests of the world and find those lost souls and help them through to the shores of the ocean.

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