Title: That Place

Published by: Eber & Wein Publishing. 2013

“You know that place?

That place between happiness and sadness

where you don’t know exactly how you feel?

You don’t feel like laughing

but you don’t feel like crying either.

You just want to lay in bed

with the bed sheets covering every inch of your body

and just staring at the fascinating details of the ceiling above you

with the lights off and

the sunlight shinning though the cracks in the curtains.

So it’s not completely dark

but the room isn’t shinning like Heaven either.

And then your friends ask you to hang out

but you say “no thanks”

because you don’t want them to ask “what’s wrong?”

because the truth is

you have no clue.

You don’t know what’s wrong.

It’s just this big confusing pit in the bottom of your stomach.

You know that place?”

Title: A Way of Living

Published by: The Artemis Journal 2016

“The colors turn into each other

trying to hide something from themselves.

The sun surrounds itself with neon yellow

as it needs barrier to protect itself from electric blue

that fills itself the space.

Black shoots up towards the sky,

past the top of the canvas.

Red likes to mix itself into that black

looking for a better way of living,

one that is different from that of

electric blue and neon yellow.


I like to wonder what the colors mean.

Why does yellow surround itself with inches of its own color?

Why does blue turn into itself

trying to hide from the rest of the surrounding?

Where is the black planning on going?


Some people like to say things

You won’t go to heaven with that attitude, young lady


I want to be with you forever, please

But I don’t believe. I don’t believe in the angelic form of a god.

I believe in something utterly different.


They will continue to reach up towards the sky,

Hoping to grasp that one thing that can drag me along with them.

They will protect themselves from those things around them,

those things that are herself all and the same.

But is that really a way to live?


I would rather be the homes down in the valley

that don’t out stretch their boundaries

and don’t curl into themselves.

We each have our own way of living.”

Title: Black

Published by: The Artemis Journal 2016

“Its the color of the sleeping sky

with sprinkles of white shining throughout.

When I look up at this blanket,

I see that light as a prisoner stuck behind bars.

It just wants to shine through, but now is not the right time.

It’s the dark time for now.


And its the color of the dark abyss of the ocean.

It’s the center of the ocean floor where no one can ever reach

because the pressure is too strong for any human to handle.

The darkness is the pigment of mystery.

This abyss contains the darkest secrets,

everything the human mind cannot capture.


And that blanket covers my vision.

I repeat the act of slamming my eyelids shut

Open, shut, open, shut, open.

I open my eyes and am left with that pins and needles feeling,

The darkness and the sprinkles of white combining within my vision.

White noise from a television.


It’s not the two hands covering my eyes,

One over my left, another over my right.

Those hands are clammy.

The more these hands cover my vision,

the farther away the white noise becomes.

I lose the tingling sensation that fills me with that prisoned light.


It’s more of a blushed lifestyle

that contains more sensation than any other

as it absorbs everything it touches,

but blankets itself from the world it lives in.”

Publisher: The Interloper (Virginia Tech)

Title: Finding Safe Spaces in Blacksburg and the NRV

“Music pounded through the house as I made my way toward the kitchen to get a drink. I saw hundreds of people crammed all around me as I wiggled my body through the uncontrollable mass of young college students and spilled beer. I couldn’t see a think, being that none of the lights were on in that house party, and the room smelled of sweat, hormones and liquor. It made me turn my nose up in disgust, and I wonder why I wanted to come to this party in the first place…”

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Title: Campus Spotlight: The New LGBTQ+ Resources Center

“A new LGBTQ+ center has officially opened to the public on Virginia Tech’s campus. Clubs, such as the student-lead HokiePRIDE and the faculty-led LGBTQ Caucus, among other organizations like The Interloper, have been requesting this center for a year now…”

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Title: (Be)Longing

“Isolation. Healing. Community. These themes drive (Be)Longing, an upcoming spring musical at the Moss Arts Center…”

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Publisher: Z Publishing House (2017)The following titles have been published in this book:

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