I write a lot about smoking, and I don’t really know why, but here is one interpretation I wrote on the idea of smoking. It is dark, but let’s be honest: smoking is bad for you and that is the point I wanted to get across by talking about it from this light.


It has always fascinated me, the idea of cigarettes.

White pale bodies meant to be sucked dry

only to be burned away into itself and then into nothing?

It’s just ash on the ground,

smoke in the sky that burns away

the working cells inside another living being,

the ones keeping them alive.

All of this pain and death so

that person can have a feeling of being full

of something other than meaningless oxygen.

The buds of those burned bodies

are then thrown into the dirt and

crushed with the sole of a sneaker,

and left there to rot.

The buds aren’t taken back by the earth

like food would be or even manure.

They just lay there into the future of nonexistence

awaiting to be determined at something

other than an ugly site not meant to be dealt with.

3 Replies to “Burning Bodies”

  1. Wow. Some very powerful words and thoughts here. We all know smoking is bad for you, but you really drive home the question of why? what’s the point? Such a meaningless piece of “nothing” can cause so much pain.

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