The sun gleams through the blinds

of her naked apartment.

The yellows and the oranges

are magnificent and glittering

over the elongated fields of her skin

that lays atop crinkled bedsheets

to awaken the life inside her youth.

The morning valleys sweep across

the curves of her feminine sides and

wrap around her right arm,

her favored side

when the night sky is full.

Shadows laid together

against the sun’s rays,

covering the parts of her body

that cannot see the sun and

stretches across her belly button

where an ocean abyss of animation

lay just underneath,

tickling over the surfaces

of her exoskeleton

as if to say, “I am ready”.

Dark waters laid just under

the field’s surface,

hidden from the sun as

the valleys are when the sun first rises;

But life still blooms just as it does

in the morning valleys and long fields

when the sun dances over the blue skies.

Her room is constantly filled with

the colors that sun offers each day

letting her forget her true reality

even if just for a moment.

That commonplace is forgotten as the colors

dance together among the blushing corals

at the bottom of the ocean.



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