We have all experienced relationships that left us feeling lost. I know I have. And I am not just talking about those romantic relationship specifically, but in fact all kinds of relationships we have, be it parental, friendships, work relationships, etc. They end and began anew. I decided to write this and share it with you guys to share a new point on the idea of breaking up with someone else.

I fell in love with you

because you fell in love with me.

with our limbs tangled

into sweaty bedsheets

and our fingers locked together

like lock and chain,

branches and roots,

you told me all the things

you loved about me.

I felt warmth in my cheek bones

and a turning in my stomach.

I could conquer the world

with the love you gave me.

I would take over cities

with these words as my

sword and weapon.

But when you left me

my weapons meant nothing

to the people they touched.

(Maybe because I no longer believed in them.)

They washed over people like a light rain,

A sprinkling of tiny droplets atop their heads.

I went on with my life

Not remembering how I felt

when you were with me.

Not remembering the warmth

I felt when you held me.

Years later, I began to feel the warmth again

and a turning in my stomach

as if I were with you once more.

But I was alone then,

at college, studying, graduating, working.

You were on the other side of the world

hopefully doing the same.

I realize now that I began to

feel the gratitude,

because I began to fall

in love with myself.

I did not need another human

to tell me my best characters,

because I have learned to love them.

I do not need someone else

to tell me my worth when

I have the ability to do it myself.


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