I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do after college now that I am on the other side. I have kind of been forced to think about it really. Everyone just really wants to know what I want to do with my degree now that I have it completed and framed on my wall, but all I can seem to tell them is “I don’t know.” That is because I really don’t know where I am headed. But if I have learned anything from the last four years, it is that life is way too short and should be enjoyed to the fullest capacities. I know that is cheesy and clichéd, but it is so true.

So, I started working on this list of things I want to do within the next five years. Maybe ten years, depending on how much I procrastinate (which is a real problem of mine omg). Now that I am out of school, I want to reach not only for the stars, but past the starts and into other galaxies. I feel so much potential within my abilities now. I want to share in these experiences of mine with you all. I think that is the point I want to make with this small blog of mine.

The one thing I want you all to get out of my blog is that even through all those hard times, the most important thing is to stay strong. And I know, that is also very cheesy, but just think. You get out of something as much as you put in it. We may not always know how, but we do. And the best way for me to show that this belief works is by doing the things I say and showing how much they work.

So, I wanted to make a bucket list, a list of things I want to accomplish over the next five to ten years. Here is my current Bucket list. I don’t expect anyone to use this exact list, but if you do, then definitely send me an email with some details, because I love that stuff. I love seeing people do something they have always wanted to do. Think of this as a way to remind you that dreams and goals are possible and one of the best things to have.

  • Plan and take a trip out of the USA (preferably Costa Rica to volunteer at a Sea turtle program)

  • Finish writing a book

  • Buy a (newer) car
  • Join a gym and a group class and actually go on a regular basis
  • Do a handstand
  • Pay off all of your student debt
  • Finish reading every book you have in that pile of books you bought but never end up getting around to
  • Go to Harry Potter World and buy a wand

  • Run a half marathon
  • Learn and become fluent in Sign language

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